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All You Need to Know About LAX-it

Posted on November 5, 2019

Changes for Pickup at LAX (LAXit)

By now, you may have heard of the new developments at LAX and the Automated People Mover opening in 2023. In the meantime, changes have been made to the pickup process at LAX for both TNC and TCP drivers. 

While the drop-off process remains unchanged, LAX-it (pronounced LA Exit) is billed as a convenient and centralized area for arriving passengers to be picked up by a taxi or ride app service, alleviating traffic in the Central Terminal Area (CTA).

Must-know Details for Riders

LAX-it is an amenity-rich area located east of Terminal 1. LAX-it is walkable from terminals 1, 2, and 7 or accessible via a free, dedicated shuttle from all LAX terminals. The shuttles can be found at dedicated stops at each terminal on the lower/arrivals level, as to not compete with other airport traffic. Shuttles will come every 3 to 5 minutes during peak hours.

It’s an exciting time for the Opoli Family as LAX-it opens with a prime location for Opoli users. Oploi loading areas 1A and 1B are located just west of the shuttle drop-off area, complete with cellphone charging stations, Wi-Fi, and food trucks nearby. The Opoli location allows drivers and passengers to connect seamlessly, so passengers can easily hop in and go. 

Must-know Details for Drivers

The new LAX-it shuttle system and staging for rideshare services launch October 29th. This brings several changes for drivers.

Changes for TNC pickup are as follows: 

  1. All Pickups will be handled at LAX-it, which is located just east of Terminal 1. Pickups can no longer be done curbside at any Terminal. Additionally, all drivers will have to go through staging to receive a passenger request, with no exceptions.
  2. Please follow the signs towards 1A and 1B at LAX-it, as those are designated zones for all Opoli pickups. We encourage you, as well as all customers, to use 1A, whenever possible, this will ease the pickup and speed up the passenger/driver identification process. 
  3. All drop-offs will be handled as before!

Changes for TCP pickup are as follows: 

  1. Curbside pickup at all Terminals is still allowed; however, the location has changed. All TCP pickups will be on the lower level; at the outer curb, see attached document (LAX Advisory Curb Flip TCP). 
  2. All drop-offs will be done as before; please see the attached documents (Terminal B Pickup) for additional information about the added pick up location in Parking Structure 3. 


Should you have any questions, we now hold regular driver meetings. These meetings allow us to explore all changes in detail. The next two scheduled meetings are on Monday the 28th at 5 pm and on Wednesday the 30th at noon. If you can’t attend, please visit our office or call +1.844.466.7654. 

Additional information about LAX-it is found on our website: https://www.opoli.com/lax-it or the LAWA website: https://www.flylax.com/en/lax-it