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What is LAX-it?

LAX-it will be the convenient new way to connect to your
Taxi, Lyft, Opoli, or Uber ride when leaving LAX.


Starting October 29th, 2019 LAX is going to open the new LAX-it lot. This is where Opoli, taxi, Uber, and Lift riders will be picked up. This new lot has been created to reduce traffic and the time it takes for people arriving at LAX to be able to leave the airport.

How will I get to LAX-it and how long will it take after my flight has arrived?

There are two ways to get to the new LAX-it lot:

The first option is to get your steps in and follow the signs as you walk to LAX-it. Terminals 1 and 7 are closest and will be a 3 to 8-minute walk, depending on your walking speed; the farthest terminals, 4 and 5 are about a 19-minute walk.

The second option is to take one of the free shuttles equipped with Wi-Fi.  The shuttles will arrive at the LAX-it Stops on the first level outside of baggage claim every 3 to 5 minutes and make a maximum of two stops at the terminals before heading to the LAX-it area. The shuttle trip will take between 8 and 15 minutes.


LAX-it walk time
LAX-it shuttle time


What will be at the LAX-it pickup location?

This new location isn’t just a place to meet your ride, it is an area where you can refresh after a long flight. Once you arrive at LAX-it there will be restrooms, food trucks and even cell phone charging stations. Additionally, there are seating areas and tables with umbrellas for your convenience. Relax, refresh and then follow the signs to the pick-up area for the Opoli ride you are looking for.

Why the change?

LAX is undergoing a major physical transformation designed to enhance the traveler experience and give customers better and faster ways to access terminals. A new consolidated Rent-A-Car facility, an intermodal transportation facility and an automated people mover train connecting everything together will provide a more predictable and reliable commute to and from the airport – saving time and improving the overall user experience.

At the same time, LAWA will be modernizing every single terminal. Over the next three and a half years as these projects are being built, LAX will see major construction that includes closing as much as 30% of the curb that’s used for pickup and drop off. LAWA is taking action now to alleviate traffic congestion in and around LAX until construction is complete. LAX-it will be the new and better way to catch Taxis, Lyft, Opoli, or Uber rides until the APM train opens in 2023.


LAX-it Location

New Opoli LAX-it pickup area




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