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Why You Need to Choose Opoli

Posted on April 27, 2019

Choose Opoli

Choose Opoli. With over 20 years of experience in the transportation industry, we at Opoli are confident that we know a thing or two about the ride-sharing scene. Safety, customer service, innovation, expertise, and forward thinking matter to us.

Here are the reasons why consumers are loving Opoli.

To drive the latest models

You can’t beat that new car feeling, but not many people can afford to buy a new car every year. The average age of cars on LA Road is eight years old.

The average rental car is less than eight months old.

Because it’s time to downsize

A supermini for nipping around the city and a people-carrier for those longer family trips at the weekend. But can you afford two cars – is it economical to run both?

Why not get rid of the second car and use a larger rental vehicle for the occasional weekend away or a trip to the furniture store.

For the convenience

Vehicle hire like Opoli is fine for people who arrive at an airport or live near a rental branch, but what about everyone else? What if you need a car or van at short notice, or for a short period of time?

We have innovated a point to point pick up and drop off services. Travel with family and friends is hassle-free, safe, reliable, with Professional drivers and Always On Time.

Because a train doesn’t always take the strain

Rail transport can be cheap, quick and stress-free, but there are often times when a last-minute booking ends up costing you an arm and a leg or engineering works double the length of your journey.

Hiring a larger car to take family or friends on a journey can often be cheaper than the train, particularly at peak times. According to DEFRA figures, the average train produces CO2 emissions of around 60 g/kg per person. If four people share a rental car with average emissions of around 157 g/km your individual carbon emissions will be much lower!

What separates Opoli from competitors?

With Opoli, you can request a vehicle right now… or book a reservation for a later date!

We don’t surge our prices, so whether you’re traveling during Friday night or the middle of the day on Wednesday, you won’t have to worry about the same trip being more expensive because of the time of day!