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Millennial Christmas: How to Celebrate the Holidays

Posted on December 20, 2018

This Christmas, Twitter once again became abuzz with a topic only expert millennials can do: make a viral tweet and put their own spin to it. Thus, millennials from all over the internet used the hashtag #MillennialChristmas and tweeted about it, as they see fit.

They shared, that instead of cookies and milk for Santa, they prepare avocados and a healthy drink. Another example is, instead of exchanging gifts, Christmas is when you show each other your student loans. Another user shared, a millennial Christmas occurs when you’re at a dollar store shopping for gifts, because that’s the only thing, you could afford.
Can you relate with this funny-yet true story of millennials? That’s what makes this generation unique; they can put a spin on any tradition, industry, or technology and make it their own. That’s why here at Opoli; we’ll give you insider information on what to give this unique bunch!

Best Presents for a Millennial Christmas

Having trouble looking for the best gift for a certain millennial? Fret not, here’s a rundown of ideas on what to give to them.

1. Pay Their Student Loans

Student loans are at an all-time high today, and millennials have to spend years of work just to pay them off. If you want to give them something they can appreciate in this season of giving, why not try to pay some off their debt? Maybe you could open a Go Fund Me campaign, perhaps?

2. Sponsor an Adventure

Millennials have changed travel. More than any age group, they have explored more places across the globe. Do you want a memorable gift? Instead of material things, try gifting an adventure. It’s a present they won’t soon forget! Head to the airport and see them off to a new adventure. Better yet, you could try to come with them. Don’t worry; Opoli got your back!

3. Check Out New Bars/Restaurants

Contrary to popular belief, millennials do know what they want. They want a mind-blowing experience that could put meaning to their lives. How else would you do that but live the life the best way you know how? That’s why they try to come up with new flavors, such as avocado toast. Now that’s an experience. Another gift you could give to a millennial? Set a time to discover newly opened bars and restaurants near you. There may not be avocado in most of them, but at least you get to experience being a food critic with them.

Ultimate Present for Millennial Christmas

Do you know what the ultimate Millennial Christmas present is? It’s the gift of experience. Millennials value experiences, because they feel they’re entitled to good things. They do, and so are you. That’s why here at Opoli, we make sure that every ride is a note-worthy experience. Whether you decide to pay off their debt, spend an out-of-the-country adventure with them, or just chill in a bar, Opoli is here for you.