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Where to Go in California When You Don’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 7, 2019

Alternative Valentines’ Day Destinations for Millennials

Are you among those who wish not to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Don’t you wish you had somewhere to go and not see lovers at every turn? Fret not. Opoli got your back. Here’s where you can go to celebrate Anti-Valentines’ Day.

Anti-Valentines’ Day: Ideal Venues to Visit To Avoid Valentines’ Day

A word to the wise: we don’t guarantee that these places won’t celebrate in their own way. What we have here are suggestions to avoid the usual fuss everyone have on this red-letter fay.

1. Martial Arts History Museum

Do you want to explore a different level of physical strength? Instead of the gym, why don’t you try learning martial arts? It’s time to unleash the inner Jackie Chan, or perhaps Jaden Smith! But before you find your kung fu master, head on over to the Martial Arts History Museum, to kick-start your knowledge on the discipline. Do you see a couple who’s lovey-dovey inside the museum? Restrain yourself; a martial-arts-slash-Anti-Valentine’s expert knows the right time to let the kicks fly.

2. Hollywood Bowl Overlook

Let’s admit it; this place is perfect to watch a concert under the stars. Sounds romantic, even for your taste? Don’t let the love bug bite you. Visit the place early so you can snag your best spot, away from the public display of affections, but prime seat on the action on the front stage.

3. Hollywood Forever Cemetery

If you’re tired of seeing hearts in everyone’s eyes, why don’t you replace it with stars? You read it right. If you want to combat the cooties that couples give you because of their love nothings, you must head to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. In there, you’ll see stars – or at least, the final resting place of Hollywood stars. Indulge in the adventure; buy the map to discover the names of what once were famous stars. Don’t worry, you’ll not hear any love nothings, just peace and quiet on your Anti-Valentine’s Day…or not.

4. The Gamble House

Do you hate the waste of space? Are you thinking of ways how to use a space in the best possible way? In case you need fresh ideas, choose The Gamble House. Not only will you appreciate the building’s lines and designs, don’t forget to look at the small details. Remember, small things do count. It’s what makes a relationship last for a long time. Right, you’re supposed to avoid Valentine’s Day. However, check out The Gamble House, for its architectural feat that captured a moment in time.

5. Stough Canyon Nature Center

Do you want to celebrate love, but not for another person? Spend your day at the Stough Canyon Nature Center. In here, you’ll meet flora and fauna; and witness how they thrive. Be charmed with the flowers and its varied colors. Tune in to the sounds made by the animals. You’ll never run out of things to discover. So don’t hesitate to express your love for nature; celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day by expressing yourself to nature.

Are you stoked to visit these Anti-Valentine’s Day places? You don’t even have to worry if you plan to go solo. All you have to do is to book a ride with Opoli, and we’ll take you to your itinerary, no questions asked.